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poppeyscotch's Journal

Poppy Scotch
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poopsters and poop stars.
'its scotchy~~'

you are allowed to join!! join!!!

dont post stuff your selling/selling curap, post that somewhere else. if you're nice/we like you then you can post ur crap.

everyone poops
we all love to tango
we all love fried spaghetti
we all have dreams with spacemen

air ships, astrology, beards, belly rubs, bento, bento boxes, blood, booze, bunny rabbits, butt, castles, cat fur, cheese, china, clouds, clubbing, coffee, cooking shows, crafts, cramps, creatures, daeluin, daisies, dark secrets, david bowie, destiny, divinity, draconians, dreamy snape, dusty novels, egl, elegant gothic lolita, elijah wood, emo, fairies, fairy cube, fashion, feasts, feet juice, fingernails, flamboyant men, flowers, forest spirits, fuzz, fuzzy, gandalf, glow in the dark, godchild, gore, goth, grapes, harry potter, harryxdraco, harryxsirius, harryxvoldemort, hayao miyazaki, healing, heavy discussion, hello, hobgoblins, horns, hot finger, icons, j-rock, jane austen, lemons, lighting, locomotives, lolita, lumber jacks, mail, mana, manatees, manga, medicine women, melinda, melindaxsnape, methew, microwaves, miyazaki, moobs, moon, moostache, mountaineers, mountains, mustaches, muttonchops, nana, neanderthal, neil gaiman, nostrils, oatmeal, old country, old folk, old teeth, opulence, pale skin, pasta, paste, penpals, peter pan, pirates, pizza pops, prim, proper, raspy breathing, razorblades, roosters, rosebud, rubber gloves, sea, serenity, sewing, sheep, siriusxlupin, slash, slashy boys, sleeze, snape, snapexmelinda, snapexsnape, soymilk, stars, steampunk, sugar pops, sunshine, suspenders, switzerland, swords, taiwan, teddy bears, the tenth kingdom, toasters, toenails, tofu, treebeard, turtles, vegan, vegetarian, victorian era, voldemort, vulgarity, wasps, wilderbeasts, windows, xxx, yellow, yodelers, ziggy stardust